January 26, 2018
By laellix SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
laellix SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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"I don't ever want to do anything mediocre." -Amy Winehouse

I close my eyes, I close my eyes

I'm dreaming about my twisted paradise

Inject it slowly, into my veins

Let the beautiful toxin erase my pain


I want to take this hit, erase all the bad s***

I want to close my eyes, and swim to my happy paradise

I'm slowly floating into space, the happiness flowing inside my brain


I feel euphoric, complete bliss

Nothing can hurt me after this

I've turned into the girl I've always wanted to be, 

Oh so happy, and carefree


This is my paradise.

My eyes are closed again and all I can think about is shooting heroin

All I can think about

All I can think. 

Take me away

Make me feel, make me breathe. 

The author's comments:

This is poetry about drug abuse/heroin.... I hope you enjoy. I hope this helps people who are struggling with the same issues I've struggled with. My instagram is @nxgwife

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