My Mystery

April 2, 2009
By ReedH SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
ReedH SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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My mystery,

Saw it in an alley,
Made it look like a valley,
This isn’t the first time it was near me,
Maybe number nine,
But I know tonight out of all nights
My mystery is mine.

I look at it, not a word said,
the alley was dead,
And then it says,
“Please come with me sir,” in a rapping whisper.
I ran to the right,
As I ran I lost sight,
But I still barely see it running,
Still I know I still might
Meet my mystery tonight.

But when it disappeared it gave me a fright,
I looked behind,
Trying to get something else on my mind,
Though it was weird when
It appeared out in the open,
Then it ran away, yet again.

I turned the corner and I couldn’t see it,
Second time I looked behind,
I thought my mystery was going to unwind.

But there wasn’t a sound around,
Then I knew there that night
That my mystery won’t be mine.

Just like a dream or hope,
I didn’t follow it good enough,
So now it’s gone.

My mystery is gone.

The author's comments:
I usually write poems and keep them scattered across my room. I was trying to think of a poem to write for a project in english,so i looked at my poems for inspiration. It was embarrassing, but once i found this and started to edit it until i was fully satisfied. I'm usually not proud of my work, but i feel like i did a good job on this poem.

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