Emotionaly Sick

April 2, 2009
By *DRAMA* BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
*DRAMA* BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The words rickashay in my head for hours and hours,

The pain only gains deep inside but it hides like an unraveled flower,

I Dont know to turn left or to turn right but the decision depends on the night,

As i gaze into the darkness i shed another tear, pushing away those close to me out of fear,

I have the pain of a million empty souls, were there once was a hart is now the pain of an empty hole,

And not on any day would i wish it upon my werst enemy, not even they deserve to see whats viciously in me,

If your touched by my words keep me in your prayers,

I go threw this every day but im no complainer.

The author's comments:
This realy explains how i feel especially the part IM NO COMPLAINER because i dont belive in expressing my self to anyone, i hate talking about feelings and stuff like that but thats where poetry comes in, it helps me express my emotions better than i could ever do by talking .... Hope you Enjoyed reading it tell me what you got out of it !!!

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