Trapped in the Canyon

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Inside the canyon
All alone
Giant, foreboding walls
Closing in around me
The smell of soil and dust lingers in my nose
So very thirsty
I see the sparkling, blue river besides me
Gurgling ever so swiftly
Oh, how I want the water so bad
So thirsty I can almost taste it
My mouth waters in anticipation
Kneeling down, feeling the warm mud on my knees
About to reach for that beautiful, clear, blue water
The loose gravel rolling as I go
And then I slip
The water I once wished I had
It surrounds me
The sharp, jagged rocks tugging on me as I go
Nowhere to go
It feels like hours
But then the darkness comes
Where am I?
Why can’t I breathe?
And then I realize
Inside a cave, the damp, glistening walls closing in
Only seconds left
Then nothing
Forever trapped
Inside the cave

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