The Dance

January 25, 2018
By Emma:) SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Emma:) SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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She arrived in an absolutely stunning vantablack dress
With a trace of colors along the bottom that shone with each step
Her hair pulled back into a perfect high ponytail
With a faint glitter on her face as the lights hit.

The gymnasium was packed full of her classmates;
The popular and snotty ones in the corner gossiping
The boys who didn’t care in the back on their brightly lit phones
And everyone who loves to dance, up front, bouncing around to the deafening music.

But the first person she noticed, was him.
He looked as if he had just finished an action movie
In his clean, straight tuxedo with a tie as black as night
And a faint shine atop his head from the gel he wore.

He looked up from the ground and seemed to notice her
And as he approached she stood still as if frozen like a deer in headlights.
She tried to play it off as if she didn’t notice by twirling her hair like taffy
But inside she felt as if her stomach was filled with monarchs.

But as he approached, he walked past her,
To the most popular girl in the grade.
She felt she had fallen into a black hole
And over and over again she replayed the image.

She was crushed, standing there on the oak wood floor
Feeling the pit in her stomach growing and
The tears in her eyes flooding like a dam with a crack
And away she ran to the girl's bathroom with hesitant gulps of crisp air stuck in her throat.

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