April 2, 2009
By Hillary SILVER, Concord, California
Hillary SILVER, Concord, California
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Have you ever wanted something so badly,
But no matter how much you ached for it, obstacles always stood in your way?
Have you ever looked at someone and said, “jealous is the one thing I am not.”
But when you walk away you whisper, “I want everything she’s got.”
Have you ever disappointed someone so badly you made them cry?
Have you ever been too much of a coward to tell the truth,
But yet brave enough to tell a lie?
In your heart you carry all this grief.
You walk around with false hope and disbelief
You wake up knowing the day is going to be stressful.
You get through it slowly but surely.
You sleep with the satisfaction knowing that you survived another day.
Then those days turn into weeks.
Then those weeks turn into months.
Then those months turn into years.
And just when you’re about to lose faith,
Hope pulls you back.
You were lost for a little while, but now you’re back on track.
Hope will turn your life around.
And when it speaks, listen closely because it’s a silent sound.
Hope is within, and when you have it hold on tight.
Hope is pure.
And for life, hope seems to be the only cure.

The author's comments:
This isn't just a piece of writing that was slapped on to paper, but these are thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that come from almost everyone. Who doesn't loose their faith every once in a while? Just remember that when everything seems to not go your way you always have your inner strength, and more importantly HOPE to carry you along. Those two things are the most important for someone to have within themselves, and who ever stays strong and keeps hoping will succeed at anything they do.

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