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What is Love?

January 22, 2018
By Gaven0628 BRONZE, Swansboro, North Carolina
Gaven0628 BRONZE, Swansboro, North Carolina
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A Magical place filled with wonder and excitement
Beauty in the truest form
Cool times spent with the love of your life
Divine in your heart and your soul to show how you really feel
Experencing challenges that come with a relationship
Fighting through the hard times and except nobody's perfect
Her love is important , that's why you treat her with the most Respect
It is a matter of perspective all relationships are different
Joy will come from being the bigger man and expressing your Feelings
Keeping your friends close but her closer
Love is important so be careful in the things you say and do
Money isn't always the answer, the best presents come from inside 
Never leaving her side , being there when she needs you the most
Out doing the other people, show your real self, don't be a follower Be a doer not a follower
People are to fake in there love , so show her the best side of you, Know matter who you are
Questioning your actions and your doings
Real love is the best love
Signifying that she is the one you fell for
Telling her she is beautiful every time you see her
Understanding her needs and accepting her as the person she is
Very thoughtful in the things you do for her
With love comes great responsibility
You should step up and always be there in her times of need
Zenith is the highest point you will reach if you accomplish all of these things

The author's comments:

An alphebitc poem i created in Creative writing. I fell that some people in todays world relize what love really is. Its a little bit of personal opinion mixed with intrsuction. 

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