World War III

April 2, 2009
By rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Once great allies, now sworn enemies
The heart and the brain fight to the death.
One only wishing for peace and for the return of their warmth, the return of love.
The other refuses to go back, dwell on the past. Pushes to embrace the new times and accept the loss.
Yet both have one mutual understanding. One can not rule the soul with the other opposing. One MUST go.
In desperate attempts we, the civilians, and the host of this fight ignore the losses and plainly accept those sacrifices made, no questions asked.
But we do not fully understand we can not even begin to grasp what must be done. In order to better ourselves
We must choose.
Choose between our hearts or our brains
Decide which we value more.
Love or survival.
If love should win, paranoia would set in the mind. Growing till judgment is clouded and stress breaks the soul.
If the mind should win our hearts unable to bare the loss of love slowly but surely begins to disperse. A numbness taking place of the once warm spot at the center of our chests.
We must really ask ourselves which is better.
Living on our hearts, where our mind would constantly worry, is in a distress and frozen state of fear always waiting for love to fail for you to be betrayed.
Living on our minds where you no longer feel the pain of your loss, where you become immune to hurt?
The only cost forever giving up your heart, forever losing love.
At one time we all must face the horror of this battle. One at a time we all choose.
Like I myself did…
Which do you choose?

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