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The Beach

January 25, 2018
By OweenTheGreat SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
OweenTheGreat SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Smoothly I glide along the sun dappled trail
The sun peeks in and out from the trees shining light on my face
A swooshing sound of silence fills my head as my ears search for sound
The calm is interrupted only by the sound of my wheels rolling along the path

I park my bike feeling the heat of the iron rack tingle in my fingers
As I glance up, the dunes appear in waves undulating before me
Dotted with shrubs and grass and crowned with a blue sky
My eyes squint as they adjust to the overload of light

The silence is broken by a sudden snapping sound
My eyes and ears are pulled to the sound and sight of the beach flag
It is buffeted by a strong wind that cannot reach me as I’m hidden behind the tall dunes

I continue upwards over the dunes and reach the pinnacle between forest and ocean
With no gentle introduction my senses are assaulted with this new world
The roaring waves pounding the beach relentlessly fills my ears
A fishy smell fills my nostrils as I take a whiff of the ocean air

The calm and silence of the forest is left behind
My skin begins to feel rough as the salty air coats my body
My eyes adjust to the light as it reflects off of the water

My feet sink with each step in the soft, hot sand
Quickly I spring to the water to cool them in the surf
My mind clears as my senses settle and meld with this new world

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