Back of the Class

January 25, 2018
By gstode3 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
gstode3 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Back of the Class

Padded foot steps hitting the soft, carpet floor as you walk into class
Heard is the chatter among the classmates
You sit down, anxious of how the speech will go
Loud ringing bells come through the intercom
The teacher stands and quiets the students
Tension builds as the students have to speak in front of their classmates

The teachers dampened lips burst out your name
Butterflies fill up your uneasy and quakey stomach
The students sit there, restless and worried for what’s coming
Silence haunted the room with its presence
Lips slip open, but no words fall out
When the words finally come out, they rapidly spill

Walking away, random eyes wander towards you
Your friend’s name gets called, signalled for her to come up
One eensy little glance gives moderation to the weary
The worried classmate goes up and presents
By giving reassurance, the friend feels comforted
Finishing up the speech, students pierce the room with sharp claps

Weaving around the rows of desks, she finds her seat
Looking over, smiles flash with excitement and pride
Cherry red color satiates her cheeks with joy
Restless students walk up one by one to draw from the sun hat
Some students puke words out that have no meaning
Other shed tears of sadness, some cry tears of joy

After the last empowering rounds of claps, students sink back in their seats
People criticising themselves on what they did or didn’t do
Others laughing at a joke or crying because of the harsh stories
Buzzes from the intercom sound loud for an end
Looking back through the doorway, the scratched up desks have no more students
And your stomach feels like the worried butterflies just flew away

The author's comments:

I sit in the back of the public speaking class, and public speaking can be stressful to some, like me. This is what went on in my head.

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