Gangster or Scholar: Scholar Edition

April 2, 2009
By Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
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All of that consecutive talk of living the large judgmental life of being a uneducated human being, who would rather take the life force of another person before he would rather live his life. To be honest there is no point in living that life. That type of life style is meaningless, pointless, and just plain senseless. Anyone who lives this type of distinctive lifestyle must really have no life, and have no reason for living. Everyone in this world must have something to live for; no matter if it’s just a puddle of blood, it’s still something to live for. At least that person has something to live for, cause what is the point of life if there’s no purpose for you to be there. Some people say the life of a scholar and the life of a gangster aren’t so much different. A friend of mine once told me that the difference between the two life styles is just the way they talk, what they wear, how they wear it, their actions, and who they are associated with, and that was all. My friend was a real acknowledged person, so I took his words wisely. When his words were acknowledged in my brain, I thought to myself if I do all that, but in a significant way, then maybe I can be able to change my ways faster. That was my plan. I had carried forth with my plan, and when all that was done the whole day I was raising my hand for every question that required an answer, walked straight to class with no insubordination, or foolishness in the hallways. And I was even prepared for class while being on time for class. Now if I keep this up at a repeated paste then I was sure to o through an extravagating transformation from a gangster to a scholar. I continued the change, but yet had some time to complete the transformation. The procedures were a success. Until it had happened. A friend of mine, in which I dare not speak his name, cause therefore it might irritate my mind; had given me an offer; he had knew I was trying to change, but however he insisted on asking me. He knew it was an offer, I could not resist. The offer was to go steal a bike, but it there was a catch; the catch was that this was no ordinary bike. This bike was amazingly high priced; it was a rare one of a kind antic signed BMX bike. BMX bikes were my delicate sweets, like my mother and cooking and organizing, well BMX bikes were like that to me. “Yes, no, yes, no!” I listen to these two words battle back and forth in my head. I was unsure on what my next moves were, or how my actions for the rest of the day turn out to be like. That voice once again in my head said; “You know that you want to, you are denying the offer cause you want to change, why would you want to change for anybody just be yourself!’ and then that’s when I said, “shut up stop just stop seize your talking. I want to change for myself and for my family so leave me alone!!” I denied the offer. From that awkward moment I could tell that I was becoming a more sophisticated person. Not just a person a human being, a human being who has found their true self, and has changed from the venomous dark evil light, to a shining extravagant bright light. I have finally opened the little white box that I was given by my guardian angel; inside the box was the real, and true me. This was a gift that I would positively cherish for the rest of my natural born life. And that life was the life that will be eroded to diamonds and shattered upon the realm that I live in.

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Gangster or Scolar: The Conclusion

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Mrs. D. said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 6:00 pm

Thank you for sharing you poetry with me. I am happy to see that you are continuing to write. I am even happier to see that you have posted it. I've read all of it and you are doing well. Your work is becoming more interesting and exciting to read.


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