Gangster or Scholar: Gangster Edition

April 2, 2009
By Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
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Why would you want to live in a world where gangs, money, and guns, rule the world Ramir?” asked a shaded figure in covered in black. It was somebody who I really loved and was really involved in my life. But yet I still didn’t know who it was. And dat really puzzled me. The mysterious figure continued….
”No! that’s the life of a gangster, and datz not u n u know it, don’t b ashamed of your talents” Once dat person said dat I had a somewhat idea of who it might b, “I know u want 2 live n a realm where ur decisions, our god and ur faith rule the world, Yes! Dat is where u deep n ya heart want 2 b, dat is da life of a scholar, if u want 2 become a gangster den U need 2 change U need 2 get it 2gethern make better choices, U need 2 change ur life around.” She stopped 4 a min allowing me to gather da speech all 2gether a dink bout wat she has just praised me wit. I had already begun 2 make ma decisions on ma new life style. Da stranger began to preach once more. Ramir b 4 u can change ur ways 4 others change ur ways 4 ya self. Don’t be who they want u 2 b! b who ur family , ya faith, ya love n most importantly b who ur self wants u 2 b, Ramir stop wat ur doing and get it right ur not them u r u Ramir . And let me tell u something Ramir is no gangster he aint know player he is a well known, smart, trust worthy and loving person who would drop wat he was doing n help a stranger n need who would give up their last wish 2 da world Ramir Oliver is u locked up n side u and dis nu bad boy has da key.”
The stranger stopped and I started 2 catch ma eye on da fact dat this mysterious figure started 2 fade away, and da strange pitch black surroundings dat I was n started 2 get brighter. I den awoke!

I had realized dat it was all a dream not a dream but a prophesy, a dream dat foreshadows, tells u what 2 do or how 2 do something u have been waiting 2 do. It was give n me a cheat code on how 2 beat this 1 level in ma life. I thought 2 my self in a humorous way may da name of da game is called “no turn n back” ha-ha! I laughed out loud. “Ramir get up its time 4 school hurry up u going to miss da bus! “A voice rang out it was my o so adoring mother who I love so much. It seemed as though my mother was also my father. I knew my father very well and I loved him very much. But there was a point n my life were he left 4 2 years n him n ma mom separated n datz when my whole life started decaying down 2 were ma emotions forced me 2 because dis some kind of gangster but its not me. I know it my mom my dad my friends ma lovers all know its not me. So I guess its time 2 realize dat its not me n have 2 change. I started to right an mental note a type of memo dat I would cum home n read 2ma self b4 I went 2 bed every night till I made a change. The note started:” don’t b da streets leave da streets don’t count da money count ya grades n school, don’t go back 2 da streets go back 2 collage n learn how 2 make it da right way n lif go to school go 2 work go to da good life. The streets, gangs, the money are all props to being an actor in a movie called life. A actor playing the part of a human being born from a great mother and than later on corrupted with the poison of sin from the streets. Get purified. Live your life the way your family, your faith your love, yourself would want you to. Before you can change, ask yourself one question……………………What do you want to be known when you move on in life or when you die………

That is the true question you must answer. I read this reminder till I got to the eighth grade.

---- Ramir later in his life changed his ways but the bad part about it is that some of that poison of sin you were told about was left be hide, sooner or later Ramir will be 100% cleansed of his poison, bad influences, his devil conscious, and the whole corruption. And will be a heavenly godchild of the Oliver Family. Ramir now is doing right by god, himself and his family. And is passing the eighth grade with flying colors. Ramir now has his own vaccine to the sin poison and corruption…. Be BETTER THAN THEM!

The author's comments:
this is an on going series. i have finished gangster or scholar: scholar edition. but i am currently working on gangster or scholar: the conclusion

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