You Can’t Write a Poem About Giordano’s

January 20, 2018
By RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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Night Time. Lines busiling to
satisfy hungry stomachs.
Dining room full of starving islanders
ordering their favorite mouth watering dish.
Cash register overflowing with cash.
Behind the walls, master pieces are made.
Preparing sauces and toppings.
Employers on a mission to satisfy the hungry crowd.
Boxes stacked high for takeout delights.
The smell of popcorn chicken sizzling in
the fryer.
Pasta waiting to be dressed in a
ripe red tomato sauce.
Salad covered with dressing like a child under a blanket.
Putting the toppings on a pizza is like dressing a little
boy for church.
Chicken fingers frying, waiting for boxing.
Parents waiting for pizzas to deliver to
their salivating children sitting at the
picnic tables.
The picnic tables painted with ketchup,mustard and sauces
Hunger leaves and hunger goes
with the patrons at Giordano’s!!!!!!!!!!!

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