Raining on My sunshine(:

April 2, 2009
By Anonymous

You always said I needed you
And I hated to think about it
Because I know my independence
How stubborn I can be
And the fact that I am just fine on my own, sweetie
I love the lingering sunny days
They brighten up your eyes
Making them smile larger than your lips
It’s like happiness that everyone yearns for
Captured in two small, delicate pupils
You never cease to remind me
That I need you
And that always hurt me more
It pulled me away from you
You’ve always loved the rainy days
The mushiness
Not even for the rainbow, you’d say
But I hate the rain
I hate the puddles
The mud
The ruined picnics and afternoons
You love the rain with everything you have
But you also love me
The more I compare us, the more opposite you become
One day we were walking
It started to rain
I started to protest to go inside
But something in your eyes made me stop
We kept walking in the wetness
And as quickly it had started,
It completely stopped
You smiled a crooked smile
And pointed towards the sky
I asked what you were seeing as I shielded my eyes from the new sun
You laughed out loud and spoke like velvet cloth
“You can’t have sun without the rain.”

The author's comments:
you [open] that door to my heart (:
showing me everything I missed before we met.

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