Why to Fly

January 16, 2018
By DelaneyRussell BRONZE, San Fransisco, Colorado
DelaneyRussell BRONZE, San Fransisco, Colorado
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She didn’t know how to fly at first. Everyday, she would practice. Climbing up rocks, walking up to the highest flight of stairs, but she never did it.

A boy ran into her at a cafe, they instantly clicked. They started seeing each other. She told the boy about her dream, how she wished to be one with the clouds, and fly along with the birds. But he didn’t understand. After they fell in love, the boy couldn’t stand to lose her. Something had happened when she was younger, the boy couldn’t figure out what.

The boy and a girl had a child, a little baby girl. The girl still wanted to fly, and she would talk about it all the time.

One day the girl went off, not knowing where, but she left. The boy came home from work, only to see his belongings. The girl was gone. The baby, the clueless, beautiful creature, soundly sleeping in her crib. The boy, suddenly panicked, decided to sit down. The girl had left,  with nothing behind, not even a note, or a brief conversation before the boy had left for work, but gone. This girl, the boy’s girl, was gone.

The girl was free, finally free. These years of marriage, not being able to fly, not being able to pursue her dream. She missed her family dearly, but yet, she didn’t know how she would live her life knowing she would never be able to fly.

“To fly,” the boy said to himself, “Why to fly?” The boy would think day after day, “Why to fly?” The boy had never asked her about her dream, and the purpose of it, all these years, he had never known.  Days passed, months, and a year. Night after night, the boy would wait, wait for his girl to come back, so his life would be complete again. But she never came.

It was April 6th, a cloudy day, but especially and abnormally humid. Somebody knocked on the door. The boy’s eyes light up, and he opened the door. A newspaper, blatantly lying there. He picked it up, and walked back into his small apartment.


The boy suddenly fell to the floor, she was gone. All this time, she was really gone. But suddenly, the pieces were put together. He knew what she was planning. He knew why. He finally knew. But, it was too late. All this time it was right in front of him, the answer.

“And thats it.” He said. The little girl was batting her eyelashes in amuesment. A tear silently rolled town the boy’s face, and the little girl fell into a tight grasp of her dad’s hug. The boy and the little girl sat there for a while, thinking. There was a quiet state of bliss in the room.

The phone rung, and the boy picked up. “I made it” He heard on the other line “ I got my dream” The phone buzzed and hung up.

“Things change” The boy said, the little girl sitting in her chair, nodding. The boy smiled, and everything was back in place.

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