Stone Cold Water

January 16, 2018
By StarwberryX BRONZE, San Diego, California
StarwberryX BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Is it wrong for me to want,

A life for no price

Where I feel safe and warm,

Instead of engulfed

Your lies hold no comfort,

Yet neither does the truth

My smile shows joy,

Yet my eyes show misery

And you can see,

All this sadness in me

But you make no attempt,

To patch me up with love

The love that I want,

More than life itself

The kindness I need,

More than the air I breathe

The joy I desire,

More than your arms around me

Physically I feel,

As if I’m drowning alone

In water much too cold,

For the fragile human I am

Mentally I’m lost,

In a swarm of bees

That sting me if I try,

To change the position I’m in

Spiritually I’m no longer alive,

I lost my soul when I first cried

Those tears of pain,

Of shame, of despair

Despite this I strive,

To reach the surface of this life

Where all of my desires,

No longer seem so demanding

Where I will experience true happiness,

Affection and care

Where I’ll no longer swim,

In stone cold water

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