Dear Mr. President

January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

I had a dream last night
where you kept the world to yourself
it was a big white snow globe
resting upon
your tired black shelf

In my dream we argued
about the globe that held the world
you thought it should be kept on your fireplace
a symbol of all you hold

you held a can of gasoline
that I begged you not to throw
you stared at me with vengeance
and let the gasoline go

you stared at the fireplace
mesmerized by red
watching the flames as they spread across the floor
scorching the wall
then the shelf

when the globe began to crack
you looked at me for help
but I laughed at you and whispered
I guess we all burn now

I had a dream last night
of a world on fire
and I woke up
surrounded by flames
you claimed the fire was great
so the masses bathed in the heat
instead of being afraid

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