January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

Why is it I’m addicted to Red Lines?
Forest Views & Restful Pines
I have a dip in emotion, slip into depression’s ocean
Shout for help, but no words part my lip
The colour Red’s intriguing
I love it, yet I f***ing hate it
I have my battles, enemies
Distorted thoughts
Burning trees
Take an etching pen and engrave bleeding lines
Why is it I am addicted to Red Lines?
Why was it that I was addicted to Red lines?
Through hospital visits and long waits take time
Tagged and watched 24/7
People mentally unstable and wishing to go to Heaven
Group therapy and activities
Locking doors and jingling keys
Combs sharp enough to carve out lines
Why was it I was addicted to Red Lines?
Why is it that,
People are addicted to Red Lines?
Getting emotion out but still taking time
Another introspective, self reflecting rhyme
Self harm is useless, the consequences greater
Hell, I could get in trouble for writing this later
My point is just drop the knife, pick up a pen
Start to write
Listen to music, song notes in the night
What you head tells you is wrong
What your heart says is right
People love you
Care for you
Need you
So now just tell me
Why is it that people are addicted to Red Lines?

The author's comments:

I went through a rough patch with self harm through middle school and the start of highschool, but I've been getting better, this is an illustration of my progress

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