I Would Like It If You Held Me Close Before I Go

January 17, 2018
By lonelylove GOLD, Marco Island, Florida
lonelylove GOLD, Marco Island, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
If people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.

In response to my inner thoughts:

When I reflect upon this day,
On this very night, in a few minutes
Understand that declarations of my
Love, my unholy and unjust love
Do not, could never, be reciprocated

I understand if the thought of
Kissing me revolts you completely
Even if it would break my fragile heart

Imagine if you loved me back
To think that would be preposterous

Imagine falling for me as I
Fell for you so long ago

Your hands hold my fragile, frail heart
One small move and it can shatter
Ultimately bringing my demise and despair

Holy love is requited love
Even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t know
Lipsticks stains and neon lights
Darken my dream at night

Meanwhile you sleep in peace
Entirely undisturbed by thoughts of me

Coming here was a mistake
Loving you was a mistake
Or maybe it was punishment, for thinking
Someone as divine as you could
Ever possibly love me, too

Before I go I must ask
Even after all of these words
From the beginning to end
Or from the first syllable
Regaling from my lips
Even someone as broken as

I can be loved, right?

Granted, most people aren't as lovely as you
Or as damaged as I

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