three words

January 17, 2018

Pain overwhelming you take the needle and break flesh.
The drugs take the pain away for a while, but everytime
They fade away the pain returns with more vengeances
Than before. Doses increase trying to make it all go away
You stand on a stage as the world looks on asking what
Made you this way. You hold a broke heart in your hands.
You hopes and dreams having been dashed upon the sand
Of a long forgot beach, where you were supposed to make
Yourself complete, you “found” your missing piece.
A smile like the summer sun that you thought was yours.
You could never have thought that smile was for another
Lover. The dreams of your “perfect” Life with her where
smashed that day went you saw her walking that beach
with another. You screamed you cried.
For your hopes and dream had all been a lie.
Lost in your pain you start to self medicate. First came
The drinking and then came the drugs. Your dream job
And Friends gone, now the only thing kissing your wrist is
The needle that brings death. You wander the streets just
another Broken soul. The doses of “happiness” have take over you.
For the Pain is to great to bare alone. You say to yourself “It’s
My fault I didn’t try harder.” These lies fuel your ultime
destruction. All because of 3 words you can no long hear.
I love you...

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