April 1, 2009
By Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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Palm trees swaying to the breeze
coconuts growing, you’ll never ever know when they fall
because then you’d know it all, wouldn’t you?

Little dogs rolling all around
laying in the sun, they don’t make a sound
the chirping of the birds, the beating of their hearts say it all

Climb the tree a little higher
record everything you see
even if it’s not for me

Hop the old wooden fence now
it always kept inside a little humor
a dash of wits, love to your fingertips
take a trip outside, you’ll see

Don’t be scared to go high
even though I won’t always be there
If I always helped, it wouldn’t be fair

Take a leap, take a trip
I don’t care, but just slip
so I don’t have to worry

If I know you can fly
I may have to say goodbye
but darling, you never ever try
you just keep on fallin’

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