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Music Echoes Poetry

January 14, 2018
By EricaWilson GOLD, Argyle, Texas
EricaWilson GOLD, Argyle, Texas
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Echoes poetry

Immaculately timed rhythms

Perfectly crafted harmonies

Notes creating words and

Chords creating stanzas

Phrases layered in hidden meaning

Perfection resonating in even silence

Emotion evoked through beautiful


Beautiful through evoked emotion

Silence even in resonating perfection

Meaning hidden in layered phrases

Stanzas creating chords

And words creating notes

Harmonies crafted perfectly

Rhythms timed immaculately

Poetry echoes


The author's comments:

This piece is a palindrome, which means that the words read the same whether you read the poem backwards or forwards. I chose to use this type of poem to highlight the similarities between writing and music. 

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