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January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

    Time to some people is just a four letter word and to others it holds more meaning. I personally think it’s the type of person you are to consider whether time is a blessing or a curse. Time can either reward you or punish you. It can a have the sweetest smell or the worst smell. It can be a thief or a hero. People don’t like to think about it much or they think about it too much. It can sound like laughter to your ears or just the ticking of the clock. Time can be a reminder that we don’t have forever in this world or that we should spend our time wisely with people we love. Time controls us, it tells us when to get up, when to work or school, when to go to bed, but it also helps us in the same ways we hate it. Some people love time and how it helps them plan their day and others hate it. Time heals us of the pain that held us back but it also reminds us on a certain day the painful reminder. Time helps us and tortures us in the same ways, it just depends on how you look at it and the world around you. 

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