January 17, 2018
By Quintin03 GOLD, Waukesha , Wisconsin
Quintin03 GOLD, Waukesha , Wisconsin
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The five of us are the studious blind people, with spectacles floating above our nose bones. We see the world in different hues through our varied perceptions.
My mom is legally blind without them, she uses them to grade papers and to have hawkeye vision to see mischief in class.
My dad is also legally blind without them, but, with them on his eyes are precise.  Training athletes, correcting, curing, and pushing their bodies.
My youngest brother has small reading glasses, lens are like birch leaves.
He uses them to follow Harry Potter through the pages, by he side battling beasts in the Deathly Hallows.
My Oldest brother wears sleek black brown glasses. He wears them to sort through college textbooks and Colorados canyons.
My glasses are matte black enclosed by thin metal. Scratched from cleaning them without a cloth. Looking at the world still understanding the rules. What will I do with my studious glasses? What will I see? What will I learn? My sophisticated looking family has calculated it out, I now see with more time, I will find my place.

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