Ode to the Pencil

January 13, 2018
By AbbytheDragon BRONZE, Centennial , Colorado
AbbytheDragon BRONZE, Centennial , Colorado
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all rough
and woody
that graphite smell
as you
glide across the page
transmitting my thoughts into words
as if you are reading
my mind.

Now it’s the 21st
you get pushed
to the side
as the clickity clack
of computers
on digital paper
dominate our world.

You lay
in the desk
gathering dust
your mind reading properties
lay unused
the smell of graphite

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the fact that as technology becomes more and more readily availabe to people pencils and paper just get pushed to the side and websites like Google Docs or Word get used instead. Soon people might not even remember what it was like to get graphite on the side of your hand as you drew or wrote for a long time. Instead quick typing and spellcheck will be the thing people considered everyday when taking notes or doing anything that we do today with pencils, pens, and paper. Also the fact that technology advances so quickly and things that we take for granted might soon disappear as well as the joys we had with it.

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