Red and White

January 12, 2018
By disaster_follows BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
disaster_follows BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
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I think of red and white,

His jersey sparkling oh so bright.
17 is up to represent the team,
With winning as the ultimate theme.
His eyes flicker up to me from the ice,
His recognition makes me feel so nice.
Once the sweet victory is won,
A goofy smile stays on his lips,
Until the day is done.
The game has ended,
And off to me his jersey is handed.
He bounces off the walls, having tons of fun,
Through his reddish hair his hand is run.
His teammates and friends will laugh and joke,
And at me, their jokes will poke.
We’re feeling fine,
His hand and mine, intertwined,
Talking about his sisters and trouble,
A laugh within me begins to bubble.
Blue and grey skates laced up tight,
My left hand clinging to his right.
Out onto the ice we go,
My every instinct screaming “NO”
A small child falls, I take it as a sign,
His arm around me, reassuring I’m fine.
He’s an absolutely fantastic skater,
Well, you need to be as a hockey player.
I sigh at my hair and its unruliness,
He leans over and gives me a kiss.
“I can’t stand to hear you say those lies”
I smile, laugh, and roll my eyes.
I glance at him, beaming still,
He’s so darn sweet it gives me chills
With my ring he plays,
As he meets my gaze.
He’s a perfect catch,
We’re a perfect match.
He’s been my rock,
Where the ship meets the dock,
With me through good times and bad,
With these rough weeks I’ve had…..
He’s seen me meek as well as bold,
Witnessing situations where my temper has taken hold.
My dull and my bright.
My darkness and light.
My red and my white.

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