War Song

January 8, 2018
By ParkerWhite SILVER, Johnsonville, New York
ParkerWhite SILVER, Johnsonville, New York
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The very facts were shrouded in uncertainty
As the thing I learn consumed me but the war will never earn me
For the people never listen As my men start to lessen as for my hopes and thoughts they diminish
How the mortars start to fall as they send us false hope
And the men are still falling as the battle wages on
Remember Ted  who got shot fighting a war all had shunned
We withdraw, but why was this?
Should I have gone or just run?
I have nothing I can forget
From the war that was forgotten
But  the war still was  carried by all of us
As this war is still playing on as flashbacks that will never die
Was this war just a lie?
This is the view of war and still is nothing more

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