You Dont Know I Exist

April 1, 2009
We look t me I look back at you
We kiss and you say goodnight
We walk around everywhere holing hands
Were so in love, you tell me that everyday
We talk for hours and gaze in to each others eyes
Until we move in closer
But you don’t I exist

A sweet romance
A dream romance
An imaginary romance
That’s all it is because you don’t know that I exist
We never met and we never will
You’re the epitome of my dreams
I wait for the day to come that you finally find me

We glance over only to catch a glimpse of each other
And in that glance we finally fall in love
You say you love me and I say I love you to
It quickly fades as I realize it’s only a dream
But I don’t care because in that one second you knew I existed
I felt whole because of you

Holding hands all day
A kiss goodnight and a sweet goodbye
A dream romance goes something like that
We’re together forever
An eternity gazing into each others eyes
But you don’t know that I exist
I wish you did and the day came that we meet
But some things are only meant to be a dream
And others are better left unsaid

Those words will never leave my lips
And your ears will never hear them
I only wish you knew I existed

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