Little Stargazer

January 6, 2018
By laurenpierce BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
laurenpierce BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
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If you look through a telescope,
at all the worlds afar,
you may just glimpse a galaxy,
in a sky full of stars.

Then if you look a  little closer,
you may even see,
all the stars and swirls of gas,
that cast off light most colorfully.

Search a little more,
now look just there,
past the silver lights,                      
and through the full moon's glare

At the center of the spiral,
lies a black hole wrapped in light,
and however tragic it may seem,         
it’s quite a beautiful sight.

Maybe people are like galaxies,           
our demons our black holes,
but remember little stargazer,
it’s the very essence of their soul.

Without the inward war,
without the black abyss,                      
the galaxy would unwind,
for no gravity would exist.

The stars would unravel,           
the planets would combust,
then the galaxy you once so loved,
would turn to shimmering dust.

But look up,
little stargazer,
for you must recall,
Your own little galaxy
is not so cursed at all.

The author's comments:

Galaxies are held together by the force of gravity, and although the gravity is anchoring the stars to a black hole, it's also what holds it together. In life we often become so focused on the dark that we don't realize what we are becoming as a result of our endurance, that is, a beautiful galaxy of light. 

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