April 1, 2009
By Anonymous

pumpkin pie, apple pie, april pie, you will die with out a sigh and if you die i will cry. and all my tears will be so dear until i get my way

i cut my wrists. every things a bliss and if i don’t get a kiss then every thing will go in to the mist what a bliss.
i do
all i see is you i hope you say i do i hope that every thing i do is enough for you if you say i do i will marry you.

kitty cat
there was a kitty cat he was fat he got his bum stuck in a drum he was dumb all he could do was sit and spit until he got put down for rabies.

i looked at
. you looked at me. you slapped me. i went to my house. i made me some toast. i had to boast i made more toast until i made burnt toast.

the bird flew over my head and hit my nabbers glass house fell in to the dogs mouth.
i had a dog his name was bob. he was not tame who was to blame. when ever he barked he went to the when it was dark he met a shark and lit up a candle and sparked up the dark in the park.

there was a frog named bob he always sobbed he went to school and was cool
and swam in a pool.

there was a bear that didn’t care so he dared to stare at another bear and so he ran.

when i play the guitar i am a star i can go far. then i go to a bar and start to play the guitar.

The author's comments:
i was just bored

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