Lust & Love

April 1, 2009
By beardednlsn BRONZE, North Charleston, South Carolina
beardednlsn BRONZE, North Charleston, South Carolina
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My heart aches for touch that is numbed cold.
For lust will only harm and bring no good to you.
These feelings always have to be on hold.
Future will only tell if love will last you.
First love will not die, but it can be ture.
Pain can burn but your touch is cool and sooths.
Never settle your heart but it might make do.
The thoughts and feelings shall never be confused.
Spiders itch my brain that scream to refuse.
Wish my mind could stay with my heart's desire.
Intentions are right, too bad eyes can be ued.
Had to think about the actions just prior.
Time will pass and age will soon fade to dust.
For true poets, there is no such as Lust!

The author's comments:
I am in a relationship with a girl that is seven hours away. In seven months I have seen her only twice. For any teenager this distance would break them apart, but I am still with my love and I would never let go. She is my inspiration for this piece.

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