No Answers

April 1, 2009
My mind is spinning
Running around questions
Questions with no answers
Answers that can't be found
I keep running
Running in confusion
Spinning into a world
A world I don't know
I don't know where I am
I don't know who I am
My words run from my mouth
But make no sound
No one notices I'm drowning
That there is no air
No air in this wordless
Soundless place
I feel trapt
Like an amimal
Stuck in a paw trap
With no way out
No matter how hard I twist and pull
No matter how much I bleed and cry out
This world is full of hurt and question
With a limited amount of answer
Thats meant to torment and torture you
That's suppsed to confuse and break you
It's like you have to lose everything
To gain anything
Even if the cost of this action
Is losing yourself
But would you give yourself away
For some answer you do not know
Would you give up everything
Just for a blind
But questions lead to confusion
And you start spinning again
Never know what direction you will be thrown
But you never know until you try
So hold on tight and go for a ride
Don't lose yourself
Because remember
Being yourself is so much better
Then selling yourself and have no answer

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