Happily Never After

April 1, 2009
By Christina Psimer BRONZE, Westerly, Rhode Island
Christina Psimer BRONZE, Westerly, Rhode Island
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I walk towards the car, a smile on my face
I’m bursting at the seams with everything I have to tell you
As I get closer I see the smile plastered to your face and the pain in your eyes
My smile fades slightly as we start with the same old “How was your day?”
I can see you struggling to keep your composure and hold it all inside

Finally the words come pouring out as we drive towards an unknown destination
With each word you say I can feel my heart breaking
This can’t be happening
Tears stream down my face as we share a sweet embrace
You fumble to find the right words
I struggle to keep it together

We stop in a parking lot and you say “Please don’t hate me”
Those four words spark a great debate
I scream that I could never hate you
Can’t you see how much I love you?
I let you have a place in my life and gave you my heart

Tears form in the corners of your eyes
My heart shatters and I’m overcome with grief
The perfect couple being ripped apart by those we love
How can four months of bliss come down to this?

Time passes by us at an alarming pace
We start the car and go on our way
We finally pull in front of my house with heavy hearts
There’s a grim dark cloud hanging above us as we say goodbye
We kiss with a passion that only lovers possess
You promise to call me as I reach for the door handle
As I close the car door I say a silent prayer that everything will be ok

I make my way towards the house feeling as though the life has been sucked out of me
As I walk through the door I plaster a smile on my face
I mutter hello before escaping to my room
I clear off my dresser and make a desperate attempt to search for the one piece of you I’ll always have
A small silver and gold butterfly on a delicate gold chain
Finally I find it and with shaking hands I put it around my neck
I hold it close to my heart as I make my way to the shower

As I step into the shower and the water runs down my body, memories fill my mind
Weekend stays at a motel run by foreigners
Making love through the night into morning light
Taking showers together
Driving around for hours just to spend a few precious moments together
Shopping trips to Wal-Mart
Searching for the box office and finding lingerie at Mohegan
Going to the airport, taking the escalator to hell, walking through hooker town, and playing in the Apple store at Foxwoods
Going to “Toys R Us” to drool
Talks about the future as we search for a place to call home
Rediscovering home cooked meals

The water begins to run cold and I’m overcome with disbelief as it finally hits me that we shall no longer be us
I’m no longer welcome at a place I once called home
Love is no longer enough to keep us together
Anger and frustration was over me and add fuel to the fire I have building up inside
This isn’t fair, it isn’t right

We should be together forever
Instead we’re being torn apart and our hearts are breaking
I thought I found my happily ever after
My knight in shining armor to rescue me
Now I can see that our happy ending was never meant to be

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