Wave Goodbye

April 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I once knew a girl, cheerful and bright
But I lost her within me, as I waved you goodbye.
I never thought I’d turn out like this
And now I can’t imagine, being anything but this.
Im lost and numb and afraid
All I want to do is escape.

Today you’re going to leave.
Just like you have so many times before
And I promised to be strong
But this breaks me and shakes me
And I don’t think I know how to fix
This damaged soul.

Dark clouds of sorrow overcast the sky
And they only rain down on me.
Somehow, I’m not surprised.

The pleasure and the ecstasy.
The freedom and the wind in my hair.
The Superheroes and the soul mates.
I was special and you were too.
You were going to save me from it all.
I loved you but I chose darkness
And somehow it brought you down.
Somehow it crushed your soul. And mine too.

I held in the pain
But when I came back to let it out
It was all gone.
I thought I was crying
But when I came back to wipe those tears
They were all gone.
I felt like my life was empty and I was all alone
But when I came back to reality
The world had passed my by.

I wished for you to fix me.
I prayed for you to save me.
I stayed up for nights and I sat in the rain.
I had all these questions-that I knew you were afraid to answer.
It’s been two years.
And you’re still on my mind.

I know you think
That I was too late.
But one day you’ll know
That you were the one for me.
I can wait and hope for us to meet
But stars can crash into the sea.
Rainbows can fade and the winds can cry.
The dreams we dream can kill us from inside.

So tomorrow I’ll leave
Just like you did the night before.
I won’t be happy
But I’ll finally be on my own.
I’ll forget the box I packed,
With my wishes and hopes,
My music and lyrics,
My memories and tears.
I’ll leave it by the door.

Tomorrow we’ll switch places
I’ll hold on so you can let it go,
I’ll wish for more so you can want less.
I’ll keep it in so you can let it out
I’ll be the lonely girl so you can be the broken soul.
I’ll fly away so you can come home.

You can call me up to see how I’m doing.
And even make plans to meet and ask how its going.
We can pretend like the sadness is gone.
And maybe it can disappear.
We can be friends again
We can love each other like we did before.
We can avoid all the things that went wrong.
We can hope for the best, and try to move on.

Now tomorrow’s here and so are we.
Goodbyes can wait, and we can just watch the skies.
So lets just pretend like nothing’s wrong.
One last adventure that couldn’t happen,
One last song that couldn’t be sung,
One last dream that couldn’t come true,
One last goodbye that couldn’t be said.
We’re masters of disguise
So lets just pretend like nothings wrong.

The author's comments:
A poem about losing yourself, wishing for more and hoping for someone.

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