Her Beauty

January 9, 2018
By laynekirk BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
laynekirk BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Poetry about my girlfriend Chapter 1: Her Beauty

Your beauty is like the glittering waves
Lapping at the temperate sandy shore.
Seashells and shining sea glass, which of laves,
Scatter about the fine, white sandy floor.
The gentle morning Sun bathes the scene in
A soft light, kissing the land with his sweet
Glow, changing the land from which it had been.
His luminosity dances to greet
Each grain of sand, which gradients to fresh,
Viridescent grass. A breeze carries a
Susurrus gliding on through to finesse
each delicate blade, brilliant leaves sway,
and flutter like thousands of butterflies.
Impossible to further beautify.

Chapter 2: Her Beauty

Your beauty is like the soft serein which
Seldom graces the land. Affable rain
Drizzles from the lazy clouds, it enriches
The soil as the Sun begins to wane.
The water is just enough to emit
A sweet petrichor. Bright foliage is
Refreshed, everything caressed is cleansed. Lit
Rays of sunlight drift over myriad hills,
Through patches of cloud, and lay across the
Ground, napping like a kitten. A peaceful
Yellow envelopes all, all but the sea,
Drifting into other hues, colorful
Wonders paint the sky. The soft lambent Sol
comes to his daily quietus, down the knoll.

Chapter 3: Her Beauty

Your beauty is unlike anything this
Earth could create, unlike anything that
Could exist outside of this Earth. To reminisce
On the beauties of history, be past
Or future, would be just as futile to
Attempt similar with otherworldly
Beauty. Your beauty is unreal, untrue,
Flawless, luminous, orphic, blissfully
Perfect. You are brighter than the hottest,
Most scorching, intense stars, you’re more than the
Universe expanses of the deepest
Mysteries, your fair picturesque beauty
Is more than gazing into the hues and
Enigmas of planets outside our own.

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