Go Die

March 31, 2009
By Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
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You say you see how you messed up
But you still get drunk
Still get high
Still lie
Still just a pathetic child
Can’t you see that she’s moved on
Without even a second glance
She doesn’t care
Go die

Nobody loves you
Not even your family
You had to break everything
Everything that was love
You had everyone fooled
But now the real monster comes out to feast
You crushed a heart in your evil grip
And you don’t even care
How much you hurt her
But she will no longer cry for you
Go die

This is the result of those meaningless words
Leave her in peace
Leave her in her happiness
Stop your vicious letters
Your drunken calls
Your trash talking messages
She doesn’t want your demented love
Go die

No second chances after what you’ve done
Sticking salt in already deep cuts
As if she hasn’t endured enough
But she’s so over you
She’s already moved on
So pitiful how you plead
You’ve lost the one bright star in your life
And you’ll never have it back
But no one cares about you
Go hide away in a corner and never come out
Go screw up your future
Go throw away your life

Go die.

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