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January 12, 2018
By blfancy BRONZE, Orleans, Massachusetts
blfancy BRONZE, Orleans, Massachusetts
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Physics is challenging,
I'm trying to break the gravity between you and I,
But without you, I would be absolute zero.
The lowest temperature possible
My heart cold as stone,
My molecular minimum.
This electrical charge we have pulling us 
Positive, negative
Positive! ...Oh so positive.
I can't help that you are the basic building block of my life.
A thousand light years of distance and I still call you my galaxy. 
I want you to be around more frequent than gamma rays with matter. 
But what's the matter? 
My love has both volume and mass and exists in every phase
Liquid, Solid, gas and plasma,
But maybe the laws of motion are going against us,
Against our love.
Newton's not here to be blamed, it's just us. 
I need more energy from you, more effort.
Yet, energy cannot be created or destroyed
So we keep cycling this
Potential, Kinetic 
We have this potential. 
I still call you my sun since nothing could have existed like this without you. 
You are a star, but with this comes responsibility 
And I thought you've been doing this for five billion years now. 
When you collapse and your supernova outshines yourself 
I will still be here, 
but not for long. 

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my physics class and creative writing class to create this poem. I wanted to incorperate the difficulties of a relationship and love as well. 

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