You Don't Die

March 31, 2009
By Rebecca Thomson BRONZE, Rex, Georgia
Rebecca Thomson BRONZE, Rex, Georgia
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Things happen,why cry
You get hurt,but don't die
You fight to keep moving
Try to find things soothing
Put on a mask that your strong and brave
But in reality you wanna be saved
Hide your tear and cover your face
You find no light in this darkened space
For some reason peolpe don't understand your pain
And all the sadness that you gain
So you act if nothings wrong
While your heart continues to sing this sad song
show now weakness,act in bliss
Mean while slip deeper into the darkness
But when you reaalize wat you do
reality takes its cue
Your into deep,theres no way out
But lfe keeps moving,so why pout
You tried to run from all your hurt
But all you did was make it worse
Bur in the end it ends the same
And it's kinda only yourself to blame
So you brush it off again
NAd just fall right back into your sin
You end up hurt and wanna break
Then your body and soul begin to ache
It's like your sleeping while your awake
But you tell yourself to brush it off
You can't so people that your soft
Get over it, grow up, and just tell yourself
Thingss happen,why cry
You got hurt,but you didn't die

~Her Ladybug, His Pumpkin~

The author's comments:
This poem is written to show the cycle that people put themselves through. I want people to find the postive message in this poem.I want people to understand from this poem is that even though you've been hurt and rejected, you still lived. I learned this lesson from my own personal experices and from my mother and grandfather. I have watched my mother go through so much but she never gave in and always praised the Lord that she was still alive. My grandfather til the day he died never complained about his illness.He waws just happy he was alive. Because of them I learned that just because you get hurt,you don't die. It's because of them I wwrote this poem.

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