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January 12, 2018
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Now you must be able to visualize the energy as you try to pull it into your hand through your fingers. Then focus this energy from your fingers to your palm proceed to visualize the energy to flow through the arm. Then through the chest and back through the other arm but with a push instead of the pull of the gathering hand. Push the energy to the palm and let it collect in the palm until you begin to feel it bundling up and gathering heat then you can begin to release the energy. Focus the energy through the gathering hand and force it through the other focus on it mainly passing through your vains which will bulge when this is happening and try to surge the source out of your wrist but never use to much energy.
This is its simplest form. So all you need to do is feel energy being pulled into a gathering hand from a source preferably light and then to push this energy through the body and out the other wrist into the hand of release if practiced frequently can be as simple as breathing.
Now remember if you don't trust that it will work there's a good chance it won't so you have to trust in the rituals so that's why we start with an hour of meditation to enhance the capability of the minds capacity.

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