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January 11, 2018
By Lillylolcats BRONZE, Colordo Springs, Colorado
Lillylolcats BRONZE, Colordo Springs, Colorado
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Im thankful for the times my dad comes home late...
For this means hes working.
Im thankful for all my tight clothes...
For this means im healthy.
Im thankful for being at school...
For this means i have an education.
Im thankful for all the hard times...
For this makes me stronger.
Im thankful for my breaking shoes...
For at least i have shoes.
Im thankful my phone that died...
For this means i have a phone.
Im thankful for the mountains or dishes i have to clean...
For this means i am feed.
Im thankful for the high electric bill...
For this means i am warm.
I am thankful for everyone I've lost...
For this has made me stronger.

The author's comments:

It was new years resolutions that inspired me because a new years resolution goes along with the new year new me which is looking at the bad so in this poem it shows a positive outlook on everything life has to offer that would typically be look at as bad.

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