Teddy Bear

January 11, 2018
By snow9241 BRONZE, Mechanicsburg, Illinois
snow9241 BRONZE, Mechanicsburg, Illinois
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Teddy Bear,
Why does no one care?
No one to listen, no one to share,
Teddy bear, why is life so unfair?
Always behind the mask,
Getting up every day is such a task.
Someone to listen,
Is that so much to ask?
Never able to speak.
To share my feelings,
This is something I forever seek.
Teddy Bear,
You were always there.
To you, I could share,
You were the only one who ever cared.
Never certain.
They shut me out,
They pull the curtains.
I never did wrong.
I tried to be brave,
Nothing ever made me strong.
Be free.
Have everything slip away,
Go somewhere I can always be me.
Teddy Bear,
Why do I suffer?
Every day is a challenge,
If I stop I’ll never deal with another.
Someone, please listen.
How do I heal?
Help me with my question.
Teddy Bear,
You never reply.
Always staring with unseen eyes,
Watching while I cry.

The author's comments:

I've never been really much of a popular person in school and I've been picked on more times than I could count. I wrote this piece as a way to express my feelings and help people see how I feel every day and what I do in order to help relieve myself of this burden. I hope that for the people that read my article to be inspired to talk to people who have the same problems such as I and be able to help them feel better and have an actual friend be by their side.

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