Why did you leave me when I was just a baby?

January 11, 2018
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Why did you leave? I have always wondered why you left.
I have sat here and think about why you left.
I wonder was it because you did not like else.
You know that you have hurt my dad.
I would never think you would leave us.
You have two kids, and you just walked out,
Like we were nothing to you anymore.
I could not believe it.
Never thought you would do that,
And now you don't even come around like you used.
I cannot believe you would do that,
When I was just really little.
At least my dad found someone better to replace you.
I can count on her when I need someone to talk to.
It really hurt that my real mom cannot be there but my step-mom can.
It really shows that you don't care about me anymore.
I know that I was really young when you left,
But you could have waited to leave my dad when I was older,
That way I could actually meet you.
Know I just sit here and think man I have the best step-mom.

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