Midnight Sky

March 31, 2009
By Lucas Dominguez BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
Lucas Dominguez BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
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In the moonlight's hidden lie,
you'll her the daylight's last goodbye.
Falling from his golden throne,
to the darkness far below.

Midnight Sky...
Stars so bright,
guiding us as we take flight,
away from this place, once a home
no more...

Hidden cry...
from the prisoners of,
the ones who no longer love.
As much as we all try.
We won't ever die.

Worship no more,
your god of denial.
Free yourself, from his dictoral grasp.

Come with me,
to this cavernous kingdom.
Break away from the light and be free.

In the moonlight's...
hidden palace.
You'll feel the daylight's...

No more love,
only hate,
from the sky up above.

Come to the altar and offer your
blood, sweat, and tears
to the master of your mind and
all of his demons will enter your soul,
once again you will live
in this hell, in this trecherous lie

And though you live
your heart still aches for love.
And though you live
inside, slowly you rot away

So take my hand
and fly away.
To the midnight sky and beyond.
Chasing the stars as they die

On their deathbed, with their final breath,
they guide the way
to a place in their kingdom
where we can call home

No more lying.
No more dying in this world where darkness reigns.
But this dark
is not a demon.
Not a nightmare to scare us away.

It's a place,
where love is the leader,
I know I need her,
the princess, the music,

the Midnight Sky

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