Cups Of Tea

March 31, 2009
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She is a loving woman says Cujo the old calico cat
Sitting on the sunny radiator purring louder than a car without a muffler.
A creative woman too, says the white frosting bag
Lying in the pantry waiting to make the next cake shine.
And a traditional, old school woman say her flowing skirts
Dresssing up her legs instead of pants, every school day.
But not a woman for gum chewing say the recipts in her pink purse
From the grocery store that never sells her gum.
She is a tastefull woman say the buttered noodles
Relaxing on the plates, longing to be eaten.
A festive woman too, says the candy cane room at christmas timeDraped in red decorations that brings the washed out white room to life.
And a busy, driven woman says the dusty old piano
Waiting for an old friend to come back and play.
But not a woman for nasty squirrels says the gun
A silent killer plotting his next kill in the tan bedroom upstairs.
She is a handy woman says the pink tool box
Locked away in a cupboard waiting for the rush of helping out around the house.
A smart woman too, say the bookshelves in the study
The sides ready to buckle holding claustrophobic books being squeezed in too tight.
And a calm peaceful woman says the white coffe cup
Worn down and tired sitting on the counter from frequent afternoon cups of tea.

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