My Dream

January 11, 2018
By Blondie12 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Blondie12 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Ever since I was five
My dream was to feel alive
I tried ballet
But, that didn’t stay 

Hip-pop was next
It was too complex
Nothing seemed to be right
Until one summer night

Trampoline and Tumbling came to mind
After an old friend was so kind
I started to practice every day
And I felt like I was sitting on a bay
I thought this was my destiny 
Which required a lot of flexibility 

Hours of practice added up
It was time to step up
The first meet was around the corner
It was time to be a performer
My flight number was called loud and clear
I started to go, but my mom said, “come here”
She looked me in the eyes
She said ever so wise,
“All pressure on me”
And that was the key
The judges signaled for me to begin
I felt the rush in my skin
I started my routine
I felt just like a queen
The rush going through my brain
Like I was on an airplane
I finished my last trick
It was a perfect stick
My family screamed
And I beamed

My coach and I waited for my scores
I was nervous, so I looked at the different floors
The scores were ready
My head felt so heavy
I lifted my head, ever so slight
I could not believe what was in sight
I had gotten a 9.4, a 9.6 and a 9.7,
Which felt like heaven
I ran straight to my mom, hugging her
She made this all occur 

The overall results had not yet been posted
I thought to myself maybe I was outvoted
The paper was finally taped to the wall
I felt like the world was gonna fall
I finally gathered enough courage to take a look
The paper was like a book
I scanned the paper up and down
Until finally my name was found
1st place, it said
I could not believe what it read
I turned around with a smile on my face
And I thought I could get used to this place

Awards were being given away
The stage had a beautiful display
I was waiting for them to call my name
For not one moment, did I feel ashame
My name was spoken
The room was awoken
I walked up to the podium, grabbing the trophy, standing tall
Feeling like I was above all
People applauded loudly
My family applauded proudly
And photos were taken
Of the little girl that goes to school in Macon 

Many years of practice and meets went by
But it was finally time to say goodbye
Tears and hugs have been shared
But I have never been so scared
This has been my lifelong dream
To be apart of this gymnastics team
Now, it is time to let go
To let someone else, be the star of the show

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