Why do we fall?

April 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I talked to you today
You never even realized
It is the first time in two weeks
Why do I care more than you?

Are you oblivious
Or do you just ignore?
Is there a way for you to notice
One little thing about me?

Do you even know
How much I like you?
I guess the better question is
Do you even care?

I'll use your favorite word
Are you simply apathetic
Not caring one way or another?
It makes me feel cheap

Used and tossed away
I guess I blame myself
I knew not to fall for a player
Why do girls like jerks?

Are you so irresistible
That we can't say no?
What draws us to you your charm,
Good looks, that smile?

Or is it the allurement
Of being with that guy?
Is it being with the one all girls
Want regardless of sense?

The funny thing is
Are we all not told
Of the recurring break-ups?
We are warned

Of the pain you
Can cause without
Reservation or thought
Why do we fall?

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