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January 9, 2018
By dragonthing009 SILVER, Miramar, Florida
dragonthing009 SILVER, Miramar, Florida
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Waking up early in the morning
Forcing myself up
Getting ready for school

Like a roller coaster
With its ups and downs

Drive to school
Walk to class
Listen to teachers
Rush to finish homework during class
Cramming for tests
hoping to pass

The bell rings
Heading to class
Sit there learning
Learning bell to bell
Like a robot
Nonstop learning
Being taught to the exam
Practice, practice, practice
Test, test, test
Notes, vocab, essay

The bell rings
Walk to class
Class starts
Study during class
Take tests every Friday

The bell rings
Walk to class
Class starts
Take tests
Write essays
Study for the AP exam
So many outlines
Sitting in a stack
For all eternity
Never to be touched
Until the darkest times
The day before
AP exam time

The bell rings
Lunch starts
Time to study
Do homework
Consume food as fast as possible
To have time to work

The bell rings
Lunch ends
Walk to class
Math class starts
Stare at the board
Get lost in the lesson
Like a ship lost at sea
Struggling to stay awake

The bell rings
Walk to class
Class starts
Even more math
Take notes

The bell rings
Walk to class
Class starts
Balancing chemical equations
Getting the most bizarre equations

The bell rings
School ends
Get on the bus
Go home
Do homework

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