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kind eyes

January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Those eyes
Eyes that have
laughed with me
Cried with me
Supported me
Those kind eyes
I want to stare
In them all day,
Brown eyes.
In them all day,
Eyes speak?

His can.

All day.

They say a million
Words, without
Moving lips.
They sing
Songs of praise
They dance
With me

I want to glare
In them

The author's comments:

My best friend is everything to me. I am in love with my best friend, but I cannnot tell anyone. My only outlet is through poetry.

Ladies, find a man (or woman,) that makes one tiny mistake then writes a handwritten two page letter apoligizing for it (like mine.) Find someone that you think is your entire world, its the most amazing feeling in this life. Never think you're not good enough for this person, ask yourself if they are good enough for you. I hope people can feel the same way I do, because its like cocaine times a million. 

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