Falling Up

March 31, 2009
By Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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I fear I’m falling up
Slipping if you will
But the job of a demon
Is to stay still

I’m slipping from the path
The one misfortune paves
The trail all bad souls
Follow from their graves

Falling down would be best
For down is where I should go
Down where the devil sings
And strums his fiddle with his bow

Instead I lose the ground
It disappears from my feet
Beginning to drift upward
Golden gates I soon will meet

And now I am falling up
Oh what good deed did I do
Perhaps I helped a child
By refraining to say boo

Still I seem to rise
I can see my parents frown
What a good demon they have raised
He goes up instead of down

Now I start to change
My horns are starting to shrink
My tail is turning to wings
And I hear a halo clink

The gold shines brightly
A pretty work of art
Perhaps the clouds are okay
I guess I’ll try living a diff’rent part

Then I fall down again
I feel wind passing me by
But what did I do
Did I give an improper sigh

The fire licks my feet
Brimstone infiltrates my nose
Bad to the bone, I guess you could say
And thus my story goes

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