perseverance of the wise against the ignorant

April 2, 2009
By Felix SILVER, N/A, New Jersey
Felix SILVER, N/A, New Jersey
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through the pitter patter of our daily life
i bring you life through the eyes of a man with strife
no logic, no reason can be brought to claim
it just ends with terrible shame

so a never-ending battle ensues full of hypocrisy,just to be right
they never go down with or without a fight
this is a war not be, won between father and son
but a war to survive, to prove something and then some

no medal will you have bestowed upon you
only the knowledge, the UNREFUTABLE knowledge that fools
can stand no place in your mind
that you are a thinker and even as of now your making a find

The author's comments:
an older piece, not very well written now that i look back on it..... perhaps i could fix it up, but i feel as though that specific path should be left unwalked for now

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